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A variety of signs for a Japanese city layout.  Designed to fit Kato, Tomix and Outland buildings for Japan model rail N Gauge.


Pack of three A4 high gloss sheets including:


Sheet 1 –  billboards and posters for cityscape buildings and interior shop fronts

Sheet 2 –  a nightlife scene with building posters which are bendable for ease of fitting.

Sheet 3 –  restaurants, railway signs, police, helicopter landing pad, road signs, pavement, hospital, motorway and a few Kit Kat posters (did you know Japan goes crazy for Kit Kat and most assume it is a Japanese and not a UK invention). Also vending machines and platform display boards.


Main picture shows some of the posters and decals on a Japanese street using a mixture of Outland and Kato buildings.  


Each sheet is easy to cut with scissors and simply glue onto buildings using standard model glue.

Note: the photos above are watermarked - obviously, the ones you receive will not have big circles printed on them!


Price includes second class postage to UK addresses.

For international deliveries, please contact



Japanese City Scene - N Gauge

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