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Browse a selection of fantastic layouts from fellow model rail builders.

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January 2024

St Bridget's - Chris Sharp

St Bridget's is an N Gauge terminus to fiddle yard layout using cassettes to change stock around. It can be controlled by DC or DCC with all turnouts operated by separate switches. Strategically placed magnets are used to remotely uncouple wagons etc. The layout is 6 feet x 18 inches with a 6 inch fiddle yard extension to allow space for the cassettes.


St Bridget's is a western region station located on the Devon- Cornwall border . It supports a busy goods shed, cattle dock and Creamery. There is an extensive passenger service  for such a country backwater but at exhibitions there is a must to keep the visitors amused. The station building is a scale copy of Nailsworth Station in Gloucestershire with the other buildings either kit or scratch built.

Strathinver - Jim McGeachy

Strathinver was originally built as a test bed for the successor to my then exhibition layout Invergeachy. It also appeared in the Model Rail bookazine volume four.

The stock was backdated  to late eighties early Ninetes from my original Invergeachy stock .I now run stock from the mid to late  eighties as I couldn't resist the new Heljan class 27,s and 37,s.Strathinver is now ten years old and still runs as well now as it did then.

Narrow Gauge - Keith Tompkins

This is a 009 layout with a baseboard about 

5’4 by 2 feet. The layout has a small grass airfield. A lift up section on one corner features a WW1 scene . The shell craters were made from toilet rolls cut into 1/4 inch strips then polyfilla slapped on. 

OO Gauge - John Johnson

I got into the hobby as a way of quitting smoking as I needed something to occupy my mind. A mate suggested the idea, to which I replied - "You must be joking!" But after a trip to Warley (my first) I was hooked. I started in the spare bedroom and in the first year I had my first layout complete. That’s when I took over my workshop, to my wife’s delight, - she got the bedroom back and I got this huge space to create what it is now. 

Dizzy - William Welby

This is my small N gauge layout "Dizzy". This layout was never planned - it came about because I accidentally ordered an extra circle of track and wondered what I could do with the most basic track plan imaginable! It quickly got out of hand, and before long it was an open frame layout with two scenes, a station and a tunnel. The only limitation was that I wanted to be able to take it to shows, so it had to fit in the back of a Peugeot 107 - not an easy task! For this reason the entire layout only measures 800mm across. So far it has taken me a year to build and it is almost complete (I just need a small waiting room for the station). Even though it is simple, it's loads of fun, and I enjoy being able to pass the controller to visitors at exhibitions and letting them have a go.